Word on the Street: Input Gained from the City’s First Informal and Engaging Transportation Meet-up

Learn more about this new community engagement series to gain community feedback on transportation topics and more

The City recently hosted its first Word on the Street, a transportation-focused community engagement meet-up. This blog provides more details about these informal gatherings, and shares what we heard from community members who attended, with details about what’s coming up.

The Word on the Street series is hosted by the City’s Office of Transportation to connect with residents on transportation topics throughout the different neighborhoods. These open-house style sessions have no agenda and no formal presentations.

Thank you to all community members who attended the first Word on the Street session on January 30 at Ohlone Elementary School. Many members walked over or biked to the event, which was great to see! We heard several comments about the interest in new biking infrastructure, including more bike parking; easing traffic congestion in different areas of the City; and requesting information about the City’s train crossing effort currently underway.

Specific community input included the following topics:

·Making University Avenue car-free

· Protected bike lane on Bryant Avenue

· Better Churchill/Alma crossings for bikes

· Add a bike lane detector on Channing Avenue at eastbound Newell

· Separate bike tunnel

· Wider tunnel at Cal Avenue

· More frequent service and better coordination of the three shuttles on Embarcadero

· More bike parking in our parks everywhere

· Bike path maintenance at Bol park

· Thank you for improving Charleston/Arastradero and move forward with phase 3

· Takes way too long to cycle lights to Greer @ Oregon

· Need adequate bike parking at all city facilities. After school survey of capacity would be useful. Also needed at midtown + south Palo Alto shopping center.

· Prioritize bikes over vehicles in Palo Alto

· Improve South Palo Alto Bike lanes and add more bike lanes

· Request for a Bike Boulevard Initiative update to Council (coming soon)

· Comments about the Grade Separation project

· Request for European bicycling infrastructure (a person who moved from Europe)

· Can’t find Palo Alto shuttle service in transit apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.)

· The need for a green-painted bike lane and traffic calming bulb-outs on Amarillo Avenue and finish Ross Blvd

· Implement Bicycle Boulevard improvements on Maybell Ave and Wilkie Way

·Long wait for the light crossing Charleston at Nelson heading south. Signal does not detect northbound bicyclists.

·More bike parking at Charleston Plaza

·Pedestrian crossing at Alma/San Antonio Avenue is very hard to find and get to. The Mountain View side is so much better.

· Widen bike bridge over 101 at Oregon Avenue.

·Improve the University/El Camino intersection for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Join the Conversation: Upcoming Word on the Street Sessions

If you weren’t able to make it to the January 30 conversation, don’t worry as there are more coming up. Stop by the upcoming Word on the Street sessions to ask questions and get information with regards to rail and any other transportation topic.

March 19 — JLS Middle School

The March 19 Word on the Street session will be from 6–8 p.m. at JLS Middle School located at 480 E Meadow Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94306. More information is available here.

April 16 — Gunn High School

The April 16 Word on the Street session will be from 3–5 p.m. at Gunn High School located at 780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306. More information is available here.

Transportation Updates Coming Soon

Bike Boulevard Initiative

A recent blog post provides an update on the City’s Ross Road Bicycle Boulevard and shares detail about the Council evaluation of the Bicycle Boulevard Project planned for this year. City staff has begun implementing interim modifications at the Ross Road and East Meadow intersection and the Moreno and Ross intersection to address community feedback and safety concerns. Read more about this here.

Crosstown Shuttle

As of January 1, 2020, a new vendor is providing Crosstown Shuttle service. Transportation staff and the new vendor would like to increase the on-time performance of the Crosstown shuttle and will make slight adjustments to the current shuttle schedule in the coming months. The City is seeking feedback about the timed connections residents would like to make using the existing Crosstown Shuttle. For example, do you need the shuttle to arrive at Palo Alto Caltrain station for a certain departure time, or do you regularly access the La Comida lunches at 11:15 a.m. at Stevenson House via the Crosstown Shuttle? Your input will help staff adjust the schedule so passengers can arrive on-time. Send your feedback to Shuttle@CityofPaloAlto.org, or watch for a survey to be released soon about the Crosstown schedule. Please note that changes will not be made to the average frequency (number of shuttle runs per day), route, or placement of stops. See the Palo Alto Shuttle page for more information and how to access the real-time shuttle map so you can see where the shuttle is now.

Other Ways to Share Your Transportation Story with the City and Online Resources Available

The City Council recently approved a transportation work plan that the Office of Transportation is implementing. To learn more about the work plan priorities, go here for a recent blog post.

The City’s rail crossing community conversations are continuing. To find out more about this effort and ways to provide input, go here.

To report an issue in your neighborhood, go here.

For the Office of Transportation web pages, go here.

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